Towards a more conscious way of living
When we moved to the Marche and started renovating Villa Castelplanio at the turn of the millennium, this was the first chapter in the realization of our lifelong dream. As we toiled in the fields and vineyard of our country estate, pressing virgin olive oil from our own olives and harvesting our own vegetables and herbs, we were driven by our sense of purpose. The cicadas provided the soundtrack for our labour, which often carried through into the balmy summer nights.

An Artistic life – and the Art of Living
Into this magnificent rural setting amidst the north-central hills of Italy, with its friendly locals and sublime cuisine, we’ve brought our great passion for art. As a professional graphic designer and social worker turned textile designer from South Tyrol, it was a foregone conclusion that original works of art by contemporary artists of our region would be a highlight of the rooms and exteriors of our country estate. The fact that Nikolaus’ father, Franz Pichler, is widely recognised as one of the foremost South Tyrolean artists of his generation might also have something to do with it. 

We are happy to say that our Villa Castelplanio country house has made a name for itself as a congenial and welcoming destination for the discerning. We’re especially glad that after completing our small annex where we live, we are now able to let out the entire main villa including the swimming pool exclusively to only one family or group at a time.
Besides attracting culture buffs, gourmet enthusiasts and nature-lovers who are sure to feel particularly at home at Villa Castelplanio, it’s also a great holiday retreat for families with children. In this idyllic country setting, the kids feel completely free. The only ones to complain about their noise, might be you: the parents!

A Venue for Seminars/Courses
Villa Castelplanio also doubles as a retreat for special groups with plenty of space for art and creative seminars as well as health/lifestyle courses such as yoga, Pilates, etc.

For the two of us, it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream that we’re keen to share with others. Sharing our appreciation of the good things in life is a great reward in itself!