Holidays in a rustic country house in North-Central Italy
Villa Castelplanio is a refurbished rustic Italian country house that was once the property of the nearby Abbey of San Benedetto di Frondigliosi. The farmstead was completely renovated and the façade restored, while leaving the original masonry intact, as well as original features such as the solid wood beams and the beautiful ceramic oven. Selected paintings and sculptural works by contemporary South Tyrolean artists can be found in the rooms and exteriors, with the windows looking out on the magnificent Marche cultural landscape. 

Recreational Areas
Downstairs, just behind the entrance hall, you’ll find the prominent open-plan dining-room-cum-kitchen, leading to a congenial living room that opens onto a veranda with a large breakfast table. Outside, there’s a convenient bathroom and a washing machine, for the use of our guests while upstairs, are three spacious bedrooms  and a bathroom with all the mod cons. Tastefully selected paintings and sculptures adorn the rooms and the spacious living room.

Under an old, gnarled fig tree, at the front of the house, there’s a wooden table where one can relax and contemplate, or indulge in a good read. The veranda looking out on a panoramic view is ideal for extended breakfasts or brunches in a Mediterranean setting. The art works in the rooms are matched by striking, yet congruous sculptures around the garden. There’s a metal pavilion in the herb garden, to which one can retire for more contemplative moments.
The humming of bees and the singing cicadas provide a rich, natural soundtrack to the bubbling waters of the fish pond, with acacia and pomegranate trees lining the garden path. Large oak trees provide adequate shade from the heat of the summer sun, as do the umbrellas positioned around the swimming pool for sunbathers.