Revitalizing, natural spring water 
Besides the vegetable garden, vineyard and olive grove, our country house also boasts a natural swimming pool surrounded by a sunbathing lawn and a nearby petanque court, shaded by the oak trees.

The 3 x 7 m stone-paved swimming pool is fed by the unfiltered waters of our own underground spring, which helps to regenerate both mind and body. Despite its slightly murky appearance due to the presence of microscopic clay particles, the water is naturally mineralised, reinvigorating and revitalizing the skin. During cleaning and maintenance, we minimize the use of chlorine.
A haven for children, the pool is also big enough for adults to exercise and swim a few laps. You have the pool all to yourselves, without any lifeguard telling you what not to do! The pool and lawn area are spacious enough to accommodate family members and/or friends.
For two hours each day, the spring water feeds directly into the swimming pool thanks to a custom-designed ripple trickle-down system. Striking, thoughtfully-positioned artistic sculptures line the garden around the sunbathing lawn. In the herb garden, a pavilion constructed in metal invites one to contemplate.